A Poetry Pitstop – Open Books

by wiggs66

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Stayed an extra night in Seattle, just so I could visit the fantastic Open Books – http://openpoetrybooks.com/ – one of only 3 maybe 4 poetry bookstores in the whole of the US. Don’t be deceived by that modest exterior, they have over 10,000 new and used poetry books. Talked with Christine Deavel, the co-founder, about US journals, plus the renascent oral thing going on in the UK. Then, after a brief discussion of the excellent Yale Series of Younger Poets, the spot-on intuitive sales assistant Alexander found me all manner of good things, most of which I would have liked to spirit home in my backpack, but needs mustn’t…all the same, I managed to treat myself, coming away with a perfect first paperback edition of Carolyn Forché’s ‘Gathering the Tribes’ (Yale Series 71), plus a copy of her stunning ‘The Country Between Us’. Also picked up a nice first edition of Anne Carson’s ‘Plainwater’ and finally ‘The End of the West’ by one half of Oregon’s poetry powerhouse twins, Michael Dickman. Could have shipped home a whole crate load of books, but it was time to head east. Hard to leave, but Montana calls.