by wiggs66

myrtle blossom

My pamphlet ‘Myrtle’ is published this week by the Emma Press, so I thought I’d share a picture of the sweet-scented blossoms on my myrtle bush earlier this year. Described by Deryn Rees-Jones in her introduction as ‘Elegant, unafraid, and full of the joys and pains of being alive’, ‘Myrtle’ can be purchased directly from the publisher, here:


(after Horace)

Gorgeous boy, there is no need to overdress.

I can’t urge you enough – ditch the artifice.

There’s no need to bring me pricey black roses.

            Thorny, unscented.

And you can lose that spider-spun suit as well.

Come to me naked – a simple myrtle sprig

bright between your teeth. Be mine, right here beneath

            this cheerful old vine.