Sparrows and Morepork

by wiggs66

wellington poetry

In Wellington for a few days, so visited independent bookstore Unity Books (thanks for the tip Rachel), where I picked up two very pink and lovely collections by a couple of local poets: Anna Jackson and Nina Powles.

Powles’s Girls of the Drift is hand-sewn and decorated with an illustration of morepork owls, one of which dive-bombed me on the Heaphy Trail last week. All night they hoot – morepork, morepork, morepork – so it was a must have!

Anna Jackson’s witty and touching I, Clodia also sports a picture of a bird, in this case a dead sparrow, and gives voice to Clodia Metelli, aka the Lesbia of Catullus’s love poems, and who Catulllus claimed had a pet sparrow: passer, deliciae meae puellae