words on the street

by wiggs66

poem on a wall

On a pub wall in Battery Point, Hobart. Any ideas who it might be? Sounds like it should be a few lines from Moby Dick, but can’t place it…a collage perhaps?

Update: thanks Nicole for finding the essence of of this enigmatic snippet in Bob Kaufman’s poem ‘All Those Ships that Never Sailed’. Kaufman often riffed on the work of others weaving it into his own work, which was itself not set in stone. His own editor described him as ‘a sampler before it was fashionable’.  See this interesting  post (plus comments) by Cedar Sigo, over at the City Lights blog: http://www.blogcitylights.com/2012/02/28/all-those-ships-that-never-sailed/

And a full text of ‘All Those Ships…’ here: http://www.poofish.com/pmr/bobk.html