Hiroshima in Tasmania – The Archive of the Future

by wiggs66

soil II

hiroshima ii

(one of several…1,400 and counting to be precise-ish)

Intriguing exhibit at MONA of the frottages and mud-work of Japanese artists Masao Okabe and Chihiro Minato, where visitors to the museum are asked to contribute rubbings of their own. The centerpiece of this mixed-media exhibit was a row of stones taken from the Ujina railway station near Hiroshima port, and some charcoal rubbings and larger paintings using mud that would have also been exposed to the atomic bomb explosion. It was a strongly textured exploration of memory and the account place gives of itself. It reminded me of something Jorie Graham said in conversation with Anne-Marie Fyfe back in 2011, when she would have been putting the finishing touches to her collection  P L A C E . She said that “as poets” we need to “show up, not just for the painting, but for the brushstroke and the speed of the paint.”

Interview with Masao Okabe (whose previous exhibits include The Memory of Mud) here: http://ocula.com/magazine/conversations/masao-okabe/