if only…

by wiggs66

thylacine lobby 1

(the ever-hopeful Steve Pike of the Wilderness Society, Launceston TAS)

Pleased to hear that my elegy for lost species ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ has been commended in the inaugural Resurgence Poetry Prize. This prize sets out to examine the realtionship between nature and human culture, and looks for poems of engagement which foster ideas of ecological integrity. The prize has the express aim of raising awareness of the ecological imperatives of our time, and the ways in which poetry can help voice those imperatives. As such, the prize represents an important contribution to a pressing debate, and was this year won by Filipina American poet Luisa Igloria, whose graceful and gently astonishing poems you can enjoy at the online project Via Negativa.

This year’s judges were Andrew Motion, Alice Oswald and Jo Shapcott; and the winners and shortlisted can be read here: http://www.resurgenceprize.org/awards/

Luisa Igloria at Via Negativa: http://www.vianegativa.us/author/luisa/

Thylacines: http://www.naturalworlds.org/thylacine/index.htm