welsh mud dragon


The Beacons Way – so much mud you start to see things… anyone remember Idris?

valley of rocks

poet's corner

shelley the cloud

Finished the mostly fantastic Two Moors Way today and, despite the clouds bringing us hailstones on Dartmoor and several nights of teeming rain and lying awake for hours in a battered, windtunnel tent, we arrived in Lynmouth on what was a gloriously sunny day, so headed up to the Valley of Rocks. Here at Poet’s Corner there is a little hut decorated with mosaic panels by local artist Shannon Ridd. Each panel commemorates a poem by each of the poets: Shelley, Southey, Coleridge and Wordsworth, who all stayed in the area. Shelley moved to Lynmouth in 1812 to finish ‘Queen Mab’ and to continue working on his radical leaflets, and the mosaics were commissioned for his bicentennial in 1992. While there, Shelley was given to acts like rowing out into the bay of Lynmouth to send revolutionary screeds bobbing off in sealed wax boxes and bottles in the hope that they would be found later, washed up ashore. Now wouldn’t that be a thing to find…

I silently laugh at my own cenotaph, / And out of the caverns of rain, / Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, / I arise and unbuild it again

(from Shelley’s poem, ‘The Cloud’)






tom lock

Tom Lock, in his workshop

holey boulders

boulder exmoor

granite boulder land art on the southern edge of Exmoor, looking towards its other half on the northern edge of Dartmoor, by Peter Randall-Page

boulder dartmoor

giants on path

giants on path


gates & obstacles

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